About Rachna Kapoor


With her strong and diverse history in sales, Rachna is your 'go-to' person for all things real estate. She loves engaging with her clients and thrives on the challenge of getting them the best deal and the best fit in Toronto's competitive real estate market. Having personally gone through the complexities of home buying several times already, she has mastered the many ways of navigating the real estate market to bring your deals to a close as quickly and as effectively as possible. Whether you are selling or buying, Rachna will take the pressure off your shoulders to market, negotiate or close your deal in the most creative ways possible with the clear awareness that each client and each property merit a unique and tailored approach.
After completing her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Concordia University in Montreal, Rachna found herself naturally gravitating to a sales and customer service environment where she has excelled for the past 10 years in various industries, from pharmaceuticals, financial investments to home and auto insurance. Throughout this time, her move from Montreal to Toronto has given her firsthand experience of both living downtown and in the suburbs - and all the perks and pitfalls that come with them! She loves the convenience and dynamic buzz of living in the city, yet appreciates the quiet rhythm and space of the country side. She is excited about dedicating her passion and experience to clients looking to strike a new balance and lifestyle. As Rachna understands very well, the good life starts with your every day, right in your home - and she is committed to helping you find just that.